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Kinnie The Explorer - Kinnie The Explorer 12" Vinyl LP

Image of Kinnie The Explorer - Kinnie The Explorer 12" Vinyl LP

£11.00 - On Sale

The debut LP by Kinnie The Explorer, recorded and produced at Studio Midi-Pyrenees by Bob Drake. Available NOW - order today and claim the CD of your choice from the Alcohol back-catalogue as a free bonus item!

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Kinnie The Explorer's debut LP is an avant-rock neo-psychedelic song cycle - restless, beautiful, and a little weird. It's a bold and unusual work that is full of surprises and unexpected twists... even curiously self-effacing - a music of dissolution and dreams. This exquisitely packaged 12" LP, pressed on clear 180g vinyl, features enigmatic photographs by Elisa Noguera that complement Kinnie The Explorer's uniquely uncanny sound.

“Impossibly young group who purvey a breezy accomplished shimmer-pop with an ingenious guitar filigree... expansive echo textures... and pleasingly unstable song structures.” The Wire

“There’s an almost ambient electronica feel to a lot of the more blissful tunes here – but the organic instrumentation approach makes it all the more satisfying to listen to. Plenty to persuade you to get this release..." Artrocker

“Kinnie the Explorer demonstrate an admirable lack of interest in contemporary arbiters of cool... An impressively streamlined strain of neo-psych... There is an impressive, starry eyed structural and thematic ambition evident here.” The Skinny

"Their mix of atmospheric, layered rhythm and pop sensibilities is catching and impressive.” The 405

“Something genuinely unusual.” Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Magazine

"Veers off in all manner of directions but also has a constant intricate refreshing psychedelic core, that doesn’t keep referring to the past and from which anything is possible." DMC World Magazine

“Possibly the most interesting debut album of the season... manages to sounds like a nightmare and an orgasm at once. There’s a startling fluidity to almost everything here... Reflective, absorbing and endlessly inventive.” Subbacultcha!

“A delightful platter of ethereal, psych rock.” The Fly

"It’s stuff like this that you just don’t hear often enough... The album simultaneously invites and defeats analysis, but the end result of neo-psychedelic sparkly shoe-gazey grooving just cannot go without commendation; it’s a bloody good effort." AAA Music

"Sure to get you moving whether it’s in the form of a sway or a head bob. This album is electrically charged... What a trip!" Indie Shuffle

"Fills empty space with fluttering guitar and rhythm, as if it were one unending thought...the cyclical nature of nearly all the tracks leaves you in a meditative state." Friends With Both Arms

"Fluctuates drastically between cryptic contemplation and simple radiance in matter of moments, managing to hold a consistent thread of gorgeously textured guitarwork and solid basslines throughout... staggeringly good." Prefixmag

“A sound quite unlike any other group in the UK. One of the most atmospheric pop masterpieces you'll hear in 2012.” Crack In The Road

“Fun, surreal and fantastic.” It's Nice That