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I.S.O - I.S.O

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Yoshimitsu Ichiraku: electronics; Sachiko M: sampler with sine wave; Yoshihide Otomo: records and CDs.

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"I am sure this CD will be my most important work... maybe a big milestone of new music history. I am so excited by it!" - Otomo Yoshihide
“As if untouched by human hands, this is absurdly pure, clean music with no smell, except for the wafting aroma of inanimate chemical reactions.” -Bananafish

Put starkly: Otomo Yoshihide's personal favourite of all his recordings. Hence unmissable! A genuinely radical renewal of what music is and can be. Astonishingly paced, minutely detailed, terrifyingly restrained. Recorded and mixed on June 4, 1998 by Xentos Fray Bentos at LMCSound in London. Mastered by Xentos at LMCSound. Design by Akira Sasaki. Produced by Xentos and I.S.O. Released March 1999.